ケータイ Watch:MM総研調査、2011年度のiPhone出荷台数は725万台


2011年度通期 国内スマートフォン出荷台数シェア(出典:MM総研)

2011年度通期 国内スマートフォン出荷台数シェア(出典:MM総研)

ケータイ Watchが、MM総研は「2011年度通期国内携帯電話端末出荷概況」を発表したと伝えています。



iPhone sales was 7.25 million in Japan at 2011

K-Tai Watch reported MM Research Institute released "General situation of mobile handsets shipment in Japan at 2011". According to this MM Research Institute report, the number of iPhone sales reached 7.25 million units in Japan at 2011.

Amount of shipment of cell-phone was 42.74 million, which was 13.5% bigger than 2010, and smart-phone sales was 24.17 million in amount. In this market, Apple occupied 7.25 million (17% of all mobile phone sale) and got 2nd position by handset maker.

Focusing on smartphone market, Apple got 1st position as 30% share by handset vendor. Androids got 69% share by platform, and iOS got 30%.


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