Tim Cook CEO、世界中で2,000万個のマスクを調達、フェイスシールドを設計開発中

Tim Cook CEO

Tim Cook CEO

Tim Cook CEOが、Twitterで、Appleのサプライチェーンを通じて調達したマスクの数は、世界中で2,000万個を超えたとツイートしています。


最初の出荷は先週、Apple Park近くにあるサンタクララバレーのKaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Centerに届けられ、医師からのフィードバックは非常に肯定的だったと説明しています。

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Hello everyone. In these very challenging and difficult times, I hope you're staying safe and well teams across Apple have been working hard on ways we can support our heroic frontline medical professionals, and I want to share two updates today.

First, the number of masks we've been able to source through our supply chain has risen to over 20 million around the world. This is a truly global effort, and we're working continuously and closely with governments at all levels to ensure these are donated to places of greatest need.

Second, we've launched a company wide effort, bringing together product designers engineering operations and packaging teams, and our suppliers to design produce, and ship face shields for health workers. Our first shipment was delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in the Santa Clara Valley this past week, and the feedback from doctors was very positive. These pack flat 100 to a box. Each shield assembles in less than two minutes, and is fully adjustable.

We're sourcing materials and manufacturing in the US and China. We plan to ship over 1 million by the end of this week, and over 1 million per week after that, we are closely coordinating with medical professionals and government officials across the US to get these to where they're needed most urgently. We hope to quickly expand distribution beyond the US in both these efforts, our focus is on unique ways Apple can help. Meeting essential needs of caregivers urgently. And at a scale the circumstances require for Apple. This is a labor of love and gratitude, and we will share more of our efforts over time. In the meantime, each of us can stop the spread of the virus by following expert advice to stay home and practice social distancing.

Thank you for all you're doing to help in your own lives. Thank you again to those on the front lines of despite. Stay safe, and stay healthy.


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