Tim Cook CEO、アメリカの医療機関に1000万枚、ヨーロッパのCOVID-19被害が多い地域に数百万枚のマスクを寄付

Tim Cook CEO

Tim Cook CEO

Tim Cook CEOが、Twitterで、アメリカの医療機関に1000万枚、ヨーロッパのCOVID-19被害が多い地域に数百万枚のマスクを寄付したとツイートしています。


Tim Cook CEOは、専門家の意見を良く聞いて、出来るだけ外出せず、もし出かける時は、人と人の間を1.8メートル以上空けるようにするよう説明しています。


Hi it's Tim.

I'm working from home like I know many of you are doing.

And I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to do what the experts are suggesting that we all do to stay at home whenever possible and when not possible.

Make sure you're placing six feet of distance between you and anyone else out there.

I'm also very pleased to tell you this morning that Apple is sort has sourced procured and is donating 10 million mass to the medical community in the United States.

These people deserve our debt of gratitude for all of the work that they're doing on the front lines.

I also want to take a moment this morning to recognize the people that we're all counting on to work from the warehouse workers to the delivery people to the people that are stocking the shelves in our local supermarkets and pharmacies.

These people also deserve our debt of gratitude.

It's in these toughest times that we show our greatest strength, and I know that will rise to the occasion.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy out there.


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