Tim Cook CEO、デザイナーのマネジメントは「組織の純潔さを保つこと」だと語る(大の刺身好き)

ベンチャーインク会計事務所の井上智宏氏が、2013年4月26日にデューク大学にて開催されたTim Cook CEOを招いての対談イベント「Apple CEO and Fuqua Alum Tim Cook Talks Leadership at Duke」の後、特別にグループ対談が出来たそうで、そのエピソードを掲載しています。

井上氏は、Steve Jobs氏亡き後、どのようにして、デザイナーやクリエイター達のモチベーションを高めるため、マネジメントを行っているのか?について質問したところ、Tim Cook CEOは「世界でも最も創造性を発揮できる環境・場所を提供し続けること。そのために、それを阻害するものを排除するのがCEOの役目だと思っている」と語ったそうです。

2つ目の質問は、グローバル市場において、どのように世界各国の地域の文化や慣習を学んでいるのかについて?で、Tim Cook CEOは「好奇心」だと語り、具体的に説明したことが紹介されています。

なお、Steve Jobs氏の影響からか、刺身が好物だそうです。

関連エントリー:デューク大学、Tim Cook CEOが参加したトークセッションを公開(準備をしておけば、いつかチャンスはやってくる。)


It is said, Tim Cook CEO and designer's managements are "The purity of the tela is kept".

Tomohiro Inoue in the VentureINQ Accounting firm seems to have been able to talk about the group specially after the event of the talk that invites Tim Cook CEO held in Duke University on April 26, 2013, and the episode is published.

The group interview done in principal's room was done for 45 minutes as 7 university students and tea parties with Tim Cook CEO.

Mr.Inoue questioned, saying that "How have you gone in designer's management as CEO to improve the designer or creators' motivation after the deceased Steve, and to enchant it continuously though Apple thought that the tela that gathered by the most creative person in the world, and made the most innovative product?".

Tim Cook CEO is "Stay pure. In a word, keep offering the environment and the place where creativity can be exerted most even in the worlds. It is thought that it is CEO's role to exclude the one to inhibit it for that. An excellent creator gathers naturally, and it does a bang-up job if it does so. It was said, As a result, it was thought that be able to keep it not falling into big company disease, and the pantheon of products being invented continuously in the world".

Next, Mr. Inoue "the other day, for the compensation problem of products in China, received the impression that watching it from had apologized, such as those familiar with the business and culture of various countries, on the other hand, I think that I should manage the business and the person as global CEO in various countries, It questioned , saying that Very, are the culture and the usage in the region in every country in the world learnt".

Tim Cook CEO is "Curiosity, it was thought that it was because with the curiosity that kept continued and being learnt, it was the 1980's that I actually visited Japan first, and occasionally negotiated with the Japanese by the business, Yes/No is not clearly, and doesn't have the reaction by the Japanese even if here proposes something at that time either,What is this? I thought it was strange, however, "It is the cultural one" noticed while variously after a while pursuing it anything why, it was said, Naturally, it is possible to learn by always having curiosity, and seeing things though the culture and the social structure in all countries were not able to be understood".


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