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Apple、多数のバグ修正を行った「WWDC 1.0.1」を配布開始

WWDC 1.0.1

WWDC 1.0.1

Appleが、iPhone/iPod touch/iPad用WWDC2013アプリ「WWDC 1.0.1」を、App Storeにて無料配布を開始しています。



1.0.1 新機能
・Videos now continue to play over AirPlay when the device locks or after interruptions, e.g., a phone call
・When playing videos, the audio ringer switch no longer mutes audio
・Favorites in Events go all the way to 11 PM
・Duplicate section headers in the videos list no longer appear
・The navigation bar in Events no longer disappears
・Blurry text in session details has been corrected
・Version information has been added to augment future bug reports or feedback


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