Apple、アップルジャパン株式会社を解散し、Apple Japan合同会社と合併(改組)

官報第5621号(平成23年8月18日発行)の合併公告によると、平成23年3月31日の官報号外第67号に掲載された内容として、Appleの輸入事業者であるApple Japan合同会社(アップルオペレーションズ・インターナショナル職務執行者ダグラス・ベック代表)に、アップルジャパン株式会社(ダグラス・ベック代表取締役)の権利義務全部を継承して合併され、アップルジャパン株式会社は解散することにしたと説明されています。




Official gazette: Apple Japan, Inc. is going to be dissolved, and to be united into Apple Japan, LLC.

According to public notice on Japanese official gazette 5621 which is published 18 August 2011, extra gazette 67th published at 31 March 2011 mentioned that, Apple Japan, LLC will unite all business of Apple Japan, Inc., and Apple Japan, Inc. will be dissolved.

Apple Japan, LLC is the importing company of Apple products which is directed by Douglas Beck who is VP of Apple Operations International.

This operation will be took effect at 30th October 2011.

This large organization change is considered that Apple's decision and operation will be more quickly. Handling profit or loss statement will be more flexible and institution operator will be unnecessary. And tax advantage in United States could push this operation because LLC are taxed only for business at United States territory.


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