9月発売の次期iPhone、筐体デザインはiPad Pro (USB-C)風のデザインで、背面カメラの数が違うだけ?

iPhone 2020 3D print mock-up

iPhone 2020 3D print mock-up


以前、紹介したAlibaba Sourcesから入手した、iPhone 2020 6.5インチモデルとされる3Dプリントモックの筐体デザインと比べ、厚みが7.40mm前後となるものの、ディスプレイベゼルの厚みが2mmとなるなど共通したデザインである可能性が高くなっています。


iPhone 2020 3D print mock-up

iPhone 2020 3D print mock-up

5.4インチモデルはiPhone SEとiPhone 8の中間の高さ、6.1インチモデルはiPhone 11とiPhone 11 Proの中間の高さ、6.7インチモデルはiPhone 11 Pro Maxよりもわずかに高さが増えるようです。

5.4インチモデルと6.1インチモデルはiPhone 11と同等サイズの2画面カメラ仕様ですが、6.7インチモデルの3眼カメラは、iPhone 11 Pro Maxの背面カメラよりもセンサーサイズが大きくなる可能性があります。



The next generation iPhone to be released in September, will have the same casing design but only have the number of cameras at the back side different?

As the information given by the Apple’s Chinese supplier says, the new iPhone series coming out in September may have all the same new body design as the iPad Pro but just have the different number of main cameras.

Previously, in comparison to the casing design of the 3D printed mock-up of the to be iPhone 2020 6.5 inch model, acquired from Alibaba Sources who were introduced previously, the possibility is high that it will be a shared design with a thickness that will more or less be 7.40 mm but the thickness of the display bezel will be 2mm

Based on the prediction of several analysts, everything will be replaced by organic electroluminescence displays, and TrueDepth cameras will continue to be utilized.

The 5.4 inches version has a height that is midway between iPhone SE and iPhone 8; the 6.1 inches version, on the other hand, has a height that is midway between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro; the 6.7 inches version is slightly longer than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Both the 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches versions are identical to iPhone 11 in the sense that they have a two-screen camera that is of the same side. The 6.7 inches version has a trinocular camera and comprises a bigger sensor than the rear camera of iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I wasn't able to verify the 6.1 inch silver camera specs predicted by analysts.

The 5.4 inch, 6.1 inch, and 6.7 inch all have different number of mic holes at the bottom surface but it seems their casing designs are uniform.

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