Apple Store 表参道、建築物の温度上昇抑制を図る省エネルギー手法「緑のカーテン」を採用


現在、建設および店内準備が進められている、Apple Store 表参道とされる建物の状況を確認してきました。



Update:本日の早朝に覆いが外され、Apple Store, Omotesando であることが明らかにされました。




裏側に回ってみると、植物を建築物の外側に生育させることにより、 建築物の温度上昇抑制を図る省エネルギー手法「緑のカーテン」を採用するようで、壁全体に多くの緑が生い茂っていました。

これは、Appleが進める「環境に対する責任」の一環だと思われますが、Apple Storeで採用するのは初めてになるかもしれません。

There is a possibility of the first store where energy saving method "Green curtain" that attempts the temperature rise control of Apple Store Omotesando and the building is adopted.

It is a confirmation lingua now as for the situation in the building made Apple Store Omotesando where construction and the inside of a store preparation are advanced.

At the time of January, it is not possible to ascertain the situation by being completely covered now though the glass wall of the aspect was seen.

Energy saving method "Green curtain" to attempt the temperature rise control of the building by growing the vegetable outside in the building was adopted when turning to the other side, and a lot of greens had grown in abundance on the entire wall.

Adopting it with Apple Store might become the first time though it seems that this is a part of "Environmental Responsibility" that Apple advances.

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