廉価版iPhoneは、微妙にiPod touch (5th generation)とカラーバリエーションが異なる?




rendered by Taiyo Fujii

ハイエンドモデルのiPhone 5Sは、デュアルLEDフラッシュが搭載されていると以前伝えましたが、iSightカメラとフラッシュとの間のマイクの形状が丸に変更されているようです。


iPad (5th generation)は、初期試作iPad miniには有り、正式出荷版では搭載されなかった背面のマイクが搭載されている可能性が高く、現在のデータSIM以外に通話SIMが使用出来るようになる可能性が出ているようです。また、発売がiPhone 5Sよりも先になるかもしれないと情報筋は話しています。

Will Apple release cheaper iPhone with different color models from iPod-touch (5th generation)?

I have 2 information about color variation of cheaper iPhone from several sources. The first set is Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray, and 2nd is White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow-orange. I can say one thing from these information, namely both sets do not contain Black model.

The source told me that cheaper iPhone will be produced 1,000 units for field test from June, and will be produced during July September for shipping.

And I got another information about iPhone 5S, which will be placed as flag-ship model when cheaper iPhone was shipped, will have dual-LED flash, and will be changed shape of mic-hole to be shaped as circle which is placed between iSight camera and flash.

I told iPhone 5S will have additional color, and now I heard new colors, green and gold model. iPhone 5S may have more than 3 color models.

Last information is for iPad 5th generation. The source told me that back microphone hole, which was removed from iPod mini product however it was placed on prototype, will be added on this new iPod. And he told iPad 5th may support standard SIM nor than only support data-SIM. Unfortunately, new iPad will be shipped after iPhone 5S, the source said.

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