經濟日報:サムスン幹部、Appleが2014年発売予定のiPhone 6用A7プロセッサを台湾TSMCが受注したとの観測を強める


經濟日報が、サムスンの幹部は、Appleが2014年の投入を予定する「iPhone 6」に搭載する「A7」プロセッサについて、TSMCが20nmプロセスで製造する受注を獲得したとの観測を強めているようだと伝えています。


Economic Daily News has told the management of Samsung that it seems that the observation that the order received which TSMC manufactures in a 20-nm process was gained about "A7" processor carried in "iPhone 6" in which Apple plans the injection in 2014 is strengthened.

It seems that the processor production contract of Apple and Samsung became a contract piece in June, 2013, and it is expected that a new contract exchanges with TSMC.


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