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Appleが、iPhone SEiPad Pro (9.7-inch)の製品説明会を行いました。

そこで、@taromatsumuraさんに「ƒ/2.4の開口部を持つiSightカメラは、iPod touch (6th generation)を除きカメラ部分は飛び出ず、ƒ/2.2の開口部を持つiSightカメラになると、厚さ7.6mmのiPhone SEではカメラ部分は飛び出ないのに、他の製品では飛び出る。これはなぜなのか?」と質問してもらいました。









iPhone 5s、iPhone SEは厚みが7.6mmなのに対してiPhone 6s Plusは7.3mmと0.3mmの差があります。



iPad Pro (12.9-inch)、iPad Pro (9.7-inch)、iPad Air 2の写真にあるExif情報からレンズ焦点距離を確認してみます。

iPad Pro (12.9-inch)、iPad Air 2のレンズ焦点距離は3.3なのに対して、iPad Pro (9.7-inch)は、iPhone 6sなどと同じ4.15と表示されます。

このことから、iPad Pro (9.7-inch)のカメラセンサーは、iPhone 6s、iPhone SEと同じサイズに変わり、これまでのiPadに搭載されていたセンサーと比べて大きくなったことが読み取れます。

ゆえにiPad Pro (9.7-inch)のカメラは、6.1mmの厚さに納めることが出来ない焦点距離の長いレンズが必要となり飛び出ているわけです。

写真:@taromatsumura / @tarosite

Because having projection or not of the iSight camera in the iOS device reduces the photography angle of view difference by the format size difference

Apple held an iPhone and iPad product presentation.

"The iSight camera with the f/2.4 aperture protrudes on all iOS devices except for the iPod touch, and the iSight camera with the f/2.2 aperture doesn't protrude on the iPhone SE which is 7.6 mm thick but on other devices it does. Why is that so?" was asked.

Apple answered, "It depends on the internal design, and the thickness of the device itself."

This question is not correct if you want to know about the reason why the lens protrudes.

Apple has not made the sensor size clear, so when someone asks for an information that has not been disclosed, there is a high possibility that no comment will be given, and that is the reason why I deliberately put my question this way.

Focal length, usually represented in millimeters (mm), is the basic description of a photographic lens. It is not a measurement of the actual length of a lens, but a calculation of an optical distance from the point where light rays converge to form a sharp image of an object to the digital sensor or 35mm film at the focal plane in the camera. The focal length of a lens is determined when the lens is focused at infinity.

The focal length tells us the angle of view—how much of the scene will be captured—and the magnification—how large individual elements will be. The longer the focal length, the narrower the angle of view and the higher the magnification. The shorter the focal length, the wider the angle of view and the lower the magnification.

The portions where the subject becomes smaller (because of the larger format) are amplified with telephoto lens, reducing the difference in photograph angle of view.

Therefore, iPad Pro (9.7-inch) camera needs a lens with a long focal length, which does not fit in the thickness of 6.1mm and ends up protruding.


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