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アスキー・メディアワークス、元Appleエンジニア松井博著「僕がアップルで学んだこと 環境を整えれば人が変わる、組織が変わる」を4月10日に発売開始


アスキー・メディアワークスが、1999年〜2009年までAppleのシニアマネージャーエンジニアだった松井博著の書籍「僕がアップルで学んだこと 環境を整えれば人が変わる、組織が変わる」を4月10日に発売するそうです。



The book about Apple,which is written by former Senior Manager of testing department Hiroshi Masui 16 years veteran, published.

"What I got from Apple. -Managing environment changes person and organization-" written by Hiroshi Masui, who experienced 16 years as Senior manager of Apple's testing department, is going to be published in 16th April.

ToC of 6 chapter, "How rotten Apple reborn?", "Formula of success of Apple", "Creating the best workplace", "How to walk around inside company politics", "Making boss to stand on my side" and "Polishing up by myself".

The book tells many hints of living for current days from which he wrote, methods and sight of Steve Jobs, and learned know-how from Job's way.


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