Apple Watch Series 3は、MFi無しのQi充電器でも充電可能な場合がある


Qi Wireless charging battery

Qi Wireless charging battery

これまでAppleが発売してきた、Apple Watch、Apple Watch Series 1、Apple Watch Series 2は、MFiライセンスを取得したApple Watch磁気充電アクセサリー以外で充電することは出来ませんでした。

しかし、初代Apple Watchから仕組みとしてはQiマグネット方式が採用されていました。

Qi Wireless charging battery

Qi Wireless charging battery

Apple Watch Series 3の場合、条件が揃えばMFi無しQi充電器でも充電可能なようです。

mophie wireless charging baseBelkin Boost Up Wireless Charging PadなどのQi充電器では充電出来ませんでした。

Sharllen 10000mAh QITSdrena HEM-WRCH-3Cは、数回に1回程度充電表示されました。

Qi Wireless charging battery

Qi Wireless charging battery

Qi充電器またはQi充電バッテリーで、マルチコイル仕様の場合、Apple Watch Series 3が充電出来るようです。

Apple Watchの向きにも依存するようですが、いずれ正式対応製品が出てくると考えられます。

The Apple Watch which Apple have been selling so far cannot be recharged by other recharger than the MFi licensed recharging accessories.

However, since the first generation of Apple Watch, Qi magnet system has been introduced.

From Apple Watch Series 3, it turned out that a Qi recharger without MFi can charge the battery when the condition meets.

I tried if we can charge by using Qi charger of mophie and Belkin, but could not charge by these accessories.

It seems that the Qi recharger or Qi rechargeable battery which can charge more than two devices supporting Qi can charge Apple Watch Series 3.

Since the direction of the coil of Apple Watch affects, it is not guaranteed that Apple Watch Series 3 can definitely be charged, but at least I could confirm that MFi license was not mandatory.


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