Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge





ワイヤレスパワーコンソーシアムワイヤレスが策定した充電規格「Qi」は、40車種以上の自動車で採用されており、Wireless CarPlayの普及が見込めるのと、2015年6月に発表された「Qi Ver.1.2」仕様により、最大15Wまでの電力送受信が可能になり、ワイヤレス充電による充電速度の改善が見込めるなど、環境が整ってきています。

なお、Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapterの同梱は終了し、USB-C to Lightning Cableは同梱されず、別売継続となるようです。

Samsung EP-NG930

Samsung EP-NG930

また、サムスンのSuper AMOLEDディスプレイ(有機EL)を採用した、Galaxy S6Galaxy S6 edgeGalaxy S7 Edgeといった既存のワイヤレス充電に対応したAndroid端末からの乗換した場合、Qi準拠のGalaxy純正ワイヤレス急速充電器「EP-NG930」などが、そのまま使用できるなどのメリットもあると考えられます。


According to the information from Taiwan which we have confidence in, the plan for next version of the iPhone is to add 4.7 inches and 5 inches, and have an additional 5-inch model, and they are saying that the model which uses glass on the back will be able to support wireless charging

Although it can support wireless charging, the same equipment for wireless charging as the Galaxy, which can support wireless charging, is not included in the package, and LUXSHARE-ICT is a separately manufactured accessory.

Because "Qi Ver.1.2" was announced in June 2015 of "Qi", the standard WPC charger that's been settled on, with a maximum 15W electrical transceiver, we anticipate an improvement in the electrical charging speed by wireless charging

Qi has already been adopted by over 40 makes of car, and Wireless CarPlay continues to spread

Furthermore, they've finished putting the Headphone Jack Adapter in the package, and continue to sell the USB-C cable separately

In the case of it being connected from an Android terminal which supports the existing Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging, adopted by Super AMOLED, the Qi-conforming Galaxy genuine rapid wireless charging appliance "EP-NG 930" also has benefits of usage as it is

The next version iPhone will have both organic EL and wireless charging support, so we're certain that it will have specifications to anticipate the demand for transfer from Galaxy

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