Apple 綱島テクニカル・デベロップメント・センター

Apple 綱島テクニカル・デベロップメント・センター



建築主は、Apple Japanの代表であるダニエル・ディチーコ氏の名前が記載されています。

事務所・研究所は、地上4階 塔屋2階1棟、地上1階1棟となっており、1階部分の床面積が広いビルとなるようです。

Tsunashima サスティナブル・スマートタウンエネルギーセンター

Tsunashima サスティナブル・スマートタウンエネルギーセンター


隣接する、スマート技術開発ゾーンに当たるTsunashima サスティナブル・スマートタウンエネルギーセンター建屋の新築工事は始まっていないようです。


According to the information board at the construction site, "Tsunashima TDC" built by Apple will be completed by the end of March, 2017.

The buildings consist of one with four stories and a two story penthouse and one with one story.

Tsunashima TDC will be the second, following Minatomirai TDC which is already operating.

Update : According to information from an insider of ours in the construction business, from the fact that the report on the construction plan was filed on July 23rd, 2015, and that construction was slated to begin in the middle of September, 2015, they were able to surmise that the construction plan's synopsis was based on information that had been outdated for nearly 10 months, add to that the fact that at this point in time construction has yet to begin (owing to the fact that the next door building has recently begun construction), they were able to conclude that the estimated completion date is going to be fasted to much further than Decenmber 2016.

Apple commented that the completion plan of the building was December, 2016..

次世代型スーマートシティ「Tsunashima サスティナブル・スマートタウン」建設始まる

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