PC Watch:Dell、今年後半に5Kモニタを投入する事を明らかに


Dell Precision Press Day

Dell Precision Press Day

PC Watchが、Dellによって、2014年3月5〜6日に、米テキサス州オースティンの本社において開催された「Dell Precision Press Day」レポートを掲載しています。


この5Kモニタに関して、韓国メーカーが、5120 x 2880解像度の30インチパネルを開発したとの噂が出ており、AppleのApple Thunderbolt Display解像度の倍となるRetinaディスプレイ仕様になる可能性が出ています。

Dell held "Dell Precision Press Day" in the headquarters in U.S. Texas Austin on 5th - 6th in March of 2014.

It is only "Dell in that to sell 4K liquid crystal display for 700 dollars or less and to do. It was mentioned to the infusion plan of a new liquid crystal display monitor, 5K display will be turned on in the latter half of this year".

The South Korea manufacturer for this 5K monitor The rumor of having developed 30-inch panel of the 5120 x 2880 resolution goes out, and the possibility of becoming Retina display specification that becomes twice the Apple Thunderbolt Display resolution of Apple has gone out.

However, whether Apple adopts the liquid crystal panel is not very understood.


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