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ソフトバンクモバイルが、iPhone/iPod touch/iPad用映画、海外ドラマ視聴アプリ「ムービーLIFE(アニメ・映画・ドラマ見放題)」を、App Storeにて無料配布を開始しています。



2012年4月18日〜5月31日までの期間中に、iPhone / iPad 対応 ムービーLIFEを対象機種にダウンロードした上で、ムービーLIFEのサイト内から応募すると、1ヶ月無料で利用でき、抽選で111名にiTunesカードが当たる「ムービーLIFE iPhone / iPad 対応記念 Wキャンペーン」を実施しています。

Softbank Mobile released low price movie/TV drama broadcasting app on App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and for iPad.

SoftBank Mobile Corp. released "Movie LIFE (Unlimited broadcasting Anime, Movie and TV drama)" app, which is capable for providing movie, Anime and TV drama App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, at App Store.

Customer can enjoy 100 over movie, Anime and TV drama programs via streaming or download by only \500 ($6.1) per month subscription. 80% of programs will be renewed per month, and Softbank announced that at least 1,000 programs will be provided in a year.

Differ from other similar service or apps, "Movie LIFE" is capable for off-line supporting contents cache if user downloaded.

Softbank have opened a campaign "Movie LIFE W campaign promoting for supporting iPhone/iPad", which grants user for a month free account if user launch app until 31th May, and which gifts 111 iTunes cards for submitted customer.

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