写真家の保井崇志氏の作品が、iPad (5th generation)製品写真に採用される


iPad (5th generation)

iPad (5th generation)

写真家の保井崇志氏の作品「_tuck4@moron_non via the SOHO studios.」が、iPad (5th generation)製品写真に採用されたそうです。


なお、保井氏は、Adobe Max Japan 2016のメインビジュアルなども担当されています。

For the work "_tuck4@moron_non via the SOHO studios." the photographer Takashi Yasui from Japan used and iPad (5th generation) for the pictures.

I received a request contact for the license from Apple's photo editing, the money for the license was asked by Yasui so it appears that the contract for it was completed without a hitch.

Furthermore, Yasui was in charge of the main visuals and such for the Adobe Max Japan of 2016.


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