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めざましテレビ:Apple Store, Ginza、台風18号接近のため、iPhone 5s/5c購入待ちで並んでいる方を店内に避難させる



フジテレビの番組「めざましテレビ」によると、Apple Store, Ginzaは、台風18号接近により、危険であると判断し、iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c購入のために並んでいる方の安全を確保するため、通常営業時間外である店内に避難するよう案内を行ったと現場中継を行っていました。


It makes the row in the iPhone 5s/5c purchase waiting take shelter in the store for Apple Store, Ginza, and the Typhoon No.18 approach.

According to the "Mezamashi TV" program of Fuji TV, Apple Store, Ginza, the safety of the person who is determined by the 18th typhoon approaching, lined out and dangerous, are lined up for iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c purchase was performed live broadcast from the scene to ensure the, went a guide to evacuation in the store it is normal business hours.

It explains that Apple Store and Ginza prohibit the inside of a store assumption until safety can be secured now making them take shelter, and the arrangement on the outside until safety can be secured.

関連エントリー:Apple Store, Ginzaに、iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c購入待ち列出来る


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